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Warehousing & Transportation

  • Godamwale warehousing & 3PL centers are designed and equipped to meet the scale, dynamics and complexities of any business requirements.
  • Our 3PL centers with all the compliances & statutory certifications maintains highest standard of performance and service level in proving end to end services including inward of inventory, Container unloading & Cross-Docking, quality inspection, storage & pelletize inventory , Kitting, Labeling, barcoding, dispatch and other custom services.

Ecommerce & retail distribution

  • Fulfillment Solutions for Ecommerce and retail business with 2-3 days delivery
  • Godamwale 3PL Service fulfills e-commerce, retailer, B2B orders through its network of warehousing facilities across India.
  • We help you to provide you the on demand and flexible solutions for your flexible needs thereby improving transit times,

The Godamwale advantage

Leverage the power of network & nationwide footprint

Godamwale nationwide network of 400+ warehousing & fulfillment center connected with freight services enables an agile distribution network for cost efficient and faster deliveries.

Store and Move your inventory seamlessly across the country with one Network, one Service Provider, One SOP and one Billing.


The central dashboard – 3600 Visibility across supply chain

  • Track
  • Optimize
  • Consolidate
Monitor and Manage Sku wise inventory levels from all warehouses in one platform.
Track all the orders and shipments inbound and outbound to and from warehouse.
Optimize distribution network, faster deliveries and improve inventory planning with 3600 visibility across supply chain network.
Generate, Access & Consolidate bills across all the warehouses from central billing platform

How Godamwale helps in expanding your business, reduce logistics cost & optimize your operation.

A business model for everyone - Intelligent, Integrated & Flexible Logistics